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02-28-2013, 01:28 PM
I came across this info at a PCA website, and since we lost our track, I thought I'd let you know what was happening 'nearby'...

06-Oregon Region - http://www.oregonpca.org/ - Use www.MotorsportReg.com (http://www.motorsportreg.com/)

04/08 - Portland International Raceway
05/18-19 - Oregon Raceway Park
07/27-28 - Oregon Raceway Park
08/18 - The Ridge Motorsports Park
10/05 - Portland International Raceway

06-Pacific Northwest Region - http://www.pnwr.org/ - Use pcapnwr.motorsportreg.com (http://pcapnwr.motorsportreg.com/)

05/03 - Ridge Motorsports Park
05/24 - Pacific Raceways
06/26 - Pacific Raceways
07/22 - Ridge Motorsports Park
08/09 - Ridge Motorsports Park
09/19 - Pacific Raceways
10/04 - Ridge Motorsports Park

08-Las Vegas Region - http://www.lvrpca.com/ - Registration usually opens 30 days before event @ http://www.lvrpca.com/

02/23-24 - Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch (2.4 mi layout)
05/04-05 - Spring Mountain (DE/Club Race 2.9 mi layout)
09/14-15 - Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch (layout TBD)
10/26 - Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch (layout TBD)

01-Upper Canada Region - http://www.pcaucr.org/ - Use PCA / UCR Sign Up Page (https://reg.pcaucr.org/app/track/signup_status.jsp)
IDS = Introductory Driving School

04/13 - Mosport (IDS Only)
04/27 - Mosport (IDS Only)
05/11-12 - Mosport
06/07-09 - Mosport (Fri. Adv )
06/28-30 - Mosport (Club Race / Advanced Solo)
07/12-14 - Mosport (with NNJR)
08/17-18 - Shannonville Motorsport Park (IDS & DE)
09/21-22 - Mosport
10/19-20 - Mosport

Other regions/zones can be found here... http://caymanregister.org/showthread.php?t=31975

03-12-2013, 09:13 PM
The Northern Alberta Sports Car Club has published the following:

Castrol Raceway -short track will be ready in late Spring, long track in mid summer.

May 25/26 - school weekend. Short track
June 6 & 20 - NASCC Track night Thursdays. Possibility of more Thursday nights once we know what our numbers are
June 15-16 - Road Racing Events #1 and #2 (SHORT COURSE)
July 13-14 - Road Racing Events #3 and #4 (SHORT COURSE)
July 27-28 - Road Racing Event #5 and #6 (Possible LONG TRACK)
August 24-25 Road Racing Events #7 and #8 (LONG COURSE)

"We have a schedule for Road Racing this summer at the freshly finished Castrol Raceway Road Course, in Nisku, by the Edmonton International Airport.
This will be WCMA sanctioned, WCMA points races, organized by the NASCC and ARCA. We will run closed wheel, open wheel and vintage sessions, so long as there is enough registration in each category, and we will run lapping sessions. "

That last section means cheap introductory track time!

03-21-2013, 07:31 PM
Do we sign up for track times or how does this work?

03-22-2013, 04:27 PM
Hi Rooney
To my knowledge, Wild Rose has not yet established any HPDE for this year. So to take advantage of the opportunities above, you would have to contact the organizing bodies and follow their registration procedures. But, for example, NASCC (www.nascc.ab.ca) has not yet published their open lapping requirements. When lapping was done at RaceCity in Calgary, it was basically pay your money, show your car was in good shape, read the rules and go driving. I don't imagine it will be much different in Edmonton.

03-23-2013, 04:22 PM
Thank you. I saw in the Sun that we might have a track by the 2015 season!!
cross Your fingers!