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  • PCA Wild Rose Region Autocross Rules & Regulations

    Simple Overview for drivers

    The following is required to participate in a PCA Wild Rose Region Autocross:

    - You will need to present a completed tech inspection form the morning of the event.

    - An approved helmet is required. Helmets built to Snell Foundation standards or other standards such as FIA 8860, SFI 31.1 and BS6658-85 Type A-FR are approved for use. Approved helmets must be manufactured to the 2020, 2015 or 2010 standards for SA, M or K Snell ratings.

    - All participants must volunteer time to activities supporting the event. We have two run groups, while one group is driving the other group is running timing, flag positions, etc.

    Entrant Requirements

    - All vehicle occupants while on course must wear an approved helmet. Helmets built to Snell Foundation standards or other standards such as FIA 8860, SFI 31.1 and BS6658-85 Type A-FR are approved for use. Approved helmets must be manufactured to the 2020, 2015 or 2010 standards for SA, M or K Snell ratings.

    - Driver’s License: All entrants must have a valid driver's license, verified either during on-line registration or when the driver checks in.

    - Entrant Age: The minimum age for any driving entrant is 18 years.

    - Non-drivers are welcome to attend and volunteer. They must sign the event waiver and be over 18 years old. 

    - All participants (drivers and non-drivers) must volunteer time to activities supporting the event. 

    - Footwear must be non-slip and NOT be open-toe or have heavy-duty soles such as those found on hiking shoes or work boots.

    - Eye Protection: If the car does not have a windshield, the occupants must wear eye protection specifically meant to protect eyes from flying objects (shatterproof eye protection).

    - All drivers must be PCA members, or are (step) child, grandchild, niece, or nephew of a PCA member in attendance.

    Vehicle Safety

    - It is the sole responsibility of each competitor to present a vehicle that is safe to operate in a competition event and is in sound mechanical condition. Safety inspection by PCA Region volunteers does not relieve a competitor of their responsibility for the safety of the vehicle they entered.

    - All vehicles must be inspected by the driver before the event, and reviewed with the designated safety inspectors on the day of the event before being allowed on course. This Autocross Tech inspection shall confirm: helmet meets the rating requirements, restraint system is operational, all loose objects are removed, cameras are properly attached, the brake pedal is firm, the throttle operates properly, seats are properly attached and functional, wheels are properly secured, there are no significant fluid leaks, tire and wheel integrity is checked, the battery is secure, and the fuel cap is present and secure, and any other items deemed necessary by safety inspection. You will access the form upon registration.

    - Roll Bars: Roll bars are required in Modified cars (as defined in the PCA Parade Competition Rules) that do not have open-car factory rollover protection. For non-Porsches, acceptance of the car will be at the discretion of the Event Chair and the Safety Chair.

    - Seat Belts: All vehicles must have either factory seat belts and/or multi-point harnesses and be in use by all occupants. If the participant chooses to install a five- or six-point harness, several changes to the automobile may need to be made to create a safe occupant restraint system. Must be installed per the manufacturer’s instructions. All belts must be in good condition and not overly worn, frayed, or stiff.

    - High Pressure Gas Cylinders: High pressure gas and air bottles (over 400 psi tanks) must have protection for the regulator. Oxygen bottles required for medical reasons.

    Site Rules

    As motorsports enthusiasts, it is the goal of the club to not only host motorsports events, but to demonstrate that motorsports activities can be conducted in a responsible, sustainable manner that benefits the surrounding community and participants' everyday driving skills and behavior. With this in mind, participants and attendees are reminded to be respectful of others, property and municipal ordinances, both on and off the event site.

    - Racing, burning out, stunting, exceeding posted speed limits will not be tolerated.

    - No alcohol or drugs can be consumed at the event, unless prescribed, and does not affect vehicle control.

    - Washrooms will be available on site for participant use.

    - All garbage must be removed from site. Our goal is to leave the venue in the same, if not better condition than we found it.

    - Any participant not exhibiting good behavior either on site and off site will be asked to leave and banned from future events.

    Restricted Areas:

    The autocross course and the areas near the start and finish are considered restricted areas and access to these areas is restricted to adults only (18 years of age or older). The only exception is for 16 & 17-year-old Junior Participation Program (JPP) entrants when they are taking their runs. Additionally, areas near the course that off-course or out of control cars might enter are also restricted areas.
    Restricted areas shall be limited to competing vehicles, competitors, workers, instructors and photographers as approved by the Autocross Chair.
    General event viewing is not allowed in restricted areas.
    JPP entrants cannot have a work assignment in a restricted area.




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