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  • 02-24-2019
    WRR Event Calendar

    Winter Driving Event

    Sadly with the warm, long driving days of summer behind us I hope youíve been able to keep yourself preoccupied whether it be with normal winter activities or for the truly afflicted, car projects haha. Some of you are well aware that the parking lot that holds all the autoX/driving events in the city is scheduled to suffer the same fate as Race City. With that thought lingering & looming over us, Iím sure there are drivers among us who would gladly run it one more time if given the opportunity. Guess what, itís a Christmas miracle & your wish has come true!

    The Porsche Club will be hosting a Winter Driving Event on Sunday, February 24th!
    The event will take place snow, rain or shine! Course layout & the dayís schedule will be somewhat weather-dependant. The goal is for drivers to have fun & learn something all while holding the speeds down to safe level to keep themselves & their vehicles safe.

    Donít fret if your summer toy car is all tucked away. Iím sure there will be some among us that will pull their car out of storage if theyíre not already out all year Ďround. Most will bring their winter daily drivers & that would actually be more valuable for learning.

    The registration fee will be $149 as all the projected costs will be the same. We are going to cap registrations to a limit of 20 drivers. Thatís 10 less than the summer events & keep in mind our last event sold out so if you snooze, you lose!

    Hereís the registration link:

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