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  • 09-22-2019
    WRR Event Calendar

    Memorial Drive

    The summer driving season is coming to an end and we celebrate this occasion with a memorial drive in remembrance of those who passed. Let's hit the road on a scenic trip, ending up at the gorgeous Silvertip Resort in Banff for a breakfast buffet with a view.

    Date: Sunday September 22nd
    Meeting Location: TBD
    Meeting Time: TBD
    Departure Time: TBD

    Tour Lead: Mark & Yvette
    Tour Mid: TBA
    Tour Sweep: TBA

    RSVP: Please RSVP before Thursday, September 26th. Log in & RSVP below.

    Large mountain-sized breakfast buffet with all the trimmings.
    Breakfast is at 11:00 in the Pavilion room.
    Adults - $24
    Kids - TBA

    RSVP'd Yes: 2 RSVP'd No: 2