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  • 08-08-2020
    WRR Event Calendar

    Scenic Drive to Bentley

    Please review the following government guidelines to protect yourself & others from COVID-19 while participating in this event:

    Today we will drive on beautiful, quiet roads through rolling hills with mountain views to the west. Our destination is the small town of Bentley, Alberta, where there is a farmer’s market in the afternoon. Our plan is to arrive in Bentley at approximately 1:00, so that we have time for lunch and some activities before it is time to head home. Driving time is approximately 2 ˝ hours, not including our code yellow stop after about 1 1/4 hours.

    Date: Saturday August 8th
    Starting Location: Posted with the map and driving directions in the “Members Only” section of the forum.
    Meeting Time: 9:00
    Departure Time: 9:30

    Lunch Stop: We have tentatively secured a campground area with picnic tables, so that we can have a picnic lunch. The campground is adjacent to the site of the market. For those not wanting to pack a lunch, other options for lunch include a Subway, the Monkey Top Saloon and food trucks adjacent to the farmer’s market. Depending on the trucks that show up on the day, there should be a selection of typical fast foods, such as burgers, hot dogs and fries. The food trucks open at 1:30.

    Tour Lead: Mark & Sheila

    Suggested Activities:

    1. Farmer’s Market opens at 2:00. Free admittance. There is a selection of fresh produce, frozen meat and perogies/cabbage rolls, plus booths selling locally brewed beer, honey and various crafts. Visit to explore the different vendors. Some vendors will do pre-orders for pickup at the market. We suggest that you bring a cooler or cool bag and ice if you anticipate buying fresh foods. Bring a mask for the market or they are available for $1.00 at the gate. Note that most vendors are cash only.

    2. Exploring Bentley – there is a museum a couple of minutes’ walk from the market and there are historical plaques on many buildings along the main street. The Monkey Top Saloon is famous for its Caesars (drinks, not salads).

    3. Gull Lake – Aspen Beach Provincial Park, Alberta’s first provincial park (1932) is about 5 kms away, and if you want a busier vibe, Sylvan Lake is about 15 kms to the south.

    Route Map: Driving directions and start location will be posted a week prior to the event in the“Members Only” section on the forum. Please download it to your phone and/or print a copy and bring it with you!

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