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  • Grotto Pond - July 25th 2010

    This trek took us through the outskirts of the city, the farmer's fields were bushy & full and made a very pretty backdrop in the cloudless morning. It was a beautiful day. We arrived at the pond early enough for everyone to get a parking spot, there were 8 cars on the morning segment of the drive. After a while some of us parted ways to have lunch in Canmore and the rest went for the hike...

    We took the wrong path and ended up in some remote canyon that was not on the map, we were way off the trail and found ourselves having an adventure climbing up rocks and steep embankments! Once we went as far as we could go we turned around and decided to go to Camore and hike up Grassi Lakes. The beach was packed and we enjoyed relaxing by the cold water as it was about 30 degrees at the time!

    It was an interesting day with a lot of "improvising" but it still was a very enjoyable event.