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  • Presidents Mystery Tour - September 19 2010

    This tour was a huge hit for all who participated. Erik and Mary did an amazing job at organizing this event which was well structured, challenging and very fun. They put alot of thought into the locations and we were awarded with interesting venues that many of us never knew existed!

    There were 9 checkpoints. Each time we reached a checkpoint, we had to retrieve an envelope that contained the clues to get to the following location. Even though we had a page from Google Maps to the next destination in the envelope, it wasn't as easy as it seems to find the next place; as much as we like to reply on the GPS sometimes it steers us in the wrong direction!

    To add to the challenge, there was a questionnaire that was used as part of the competition, it kept everyone on their toes! At the end of the day, everyone found their way to the final location and we were all excited about the activities and venues that we experienced.

    The locations were very creative and interesting, for example a stop at a fruit wine vineyard near Chestermere - taste the wine and get your clue! One of the stops included a challenge which involved guessing how much liquid it takes to fill a milk jug - a challenge that proved to be quite difficult when you only judge by eye! We also had to purchase some Spock ears at the Vulcan Trek center and get our photo taken dressed up in Star Trek uniforms - what a hilarious idea that made some great photos!

    The day began at 9 am and we ended at our final destination for lunch at about 1:30 pm. The final stop was the Saskatoon farm, a cute berry farm/country store that has a nice relaxed atmosphere and very elegant dining room.

    There were really good prizes awarded to the members who had the best scores on their questionnaire combined with the highest count of playing cards that were included in the envelopes we retrieved at the checkpoints. The winners were determined by their total number of points as opposed to a timed event which made it much more enjoyable - and safe considering the road conditions. There were also prizes given to the winners of the jug filling competition.

    There were about 10 cars that braved the rainy, cold day to participate in the tour. Today's drive tested the Porsche's ability to handle hydroplaning - an inevitable occurrence given the amount of rain the we've had in the past few days!

    This was an incredibly successful event and everyone who participated had lots of fun. Thanks again to Erik and Mary for planning such a great day.