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  • Museum of the Making & Highwood Pass - October 8 2010

    Riki Peyerl Memorial Drive, the official season finale tour felt like it was in the middle of summer. It was incredibly hot, a perfect summer day - in October! We were very lucky! About 25 cars joined us at the rendezvous point in the morning. The first stop was Ghost Lake for a photo op/code yellow stop and then off to the Museum of the Making. An impressive, world class diplay of machinery and other ancient artifacts from Africa and anywhere else that appealed to the owner. It's a private collection and we were privileged to be invited for a tour. It was absolutely incredible and if you speak to anyone who went, they will have incredible things to say about the place.

    Some members met up with us afterward to enjoy the main drive, Highway 40 to Highwood Pass. We stopped mid route for a picnic by the lake. It was a pot luck lunch and everyone had a great time basking in the heat, chatting and sharing food. The drive was lovely, even the temperature at the pass was reasonable, no coats were needed today!

    We came out near Longview and a few people headed for a soak in the sun on the patio of the local pub for a cold one (passengers only of course!) and then after that we headed home. The day was very long but it was such a pleasant day amongst friends and our WRR family. A perfect season ender to a perfect season - despite the 4 cars that had car trouble, in the end everyone made it home safely. I blamed the car troubles on a packed activity schedule during summer. It was all worth it in the end because this season was incredible, I speak for everyone when I say I can't wait until next year!