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  • Season Opener - May 15 2011

    Finally, the driving season is upon us! Immediately upon entering the coffee shop for the morning meet, the energy was inescapable. Everyone had so much pent up desire to burn some rubber after this long winter and it's now time to get the motors revvin' and get out there!

    26 cars and 37 people attended! The route took us through some new roads and up to the town of Bergen for a stop at their too-cute general store which had the best beef jerky anywhere (many people even told me it was better then Longviews' beef jerky!)

    After we proceeded to get a group photo in a lovely forest setting. Continuing on our way, we traversed the country side and ended up at our final destination, Symons Valley Ranch restaurant. We had the entire restaurant to ourselves since they were not normally open at that time and the cozy and personal atmosphere was wonderful. We should have a restaurant all to ourselves more often!

    A perfect day (except for the cold wind) but at least it wasn't snowing! The bar is set really high for this driving season and everyone is so excited for the next drive.