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  • Black Rock Resort at Ucuelet

    The Vancouver Island Region/PCA venue was the spectacular Black Rock Resort at Ucuelet. Four Wild Rose Region couples enjoyed the BBQ bonfire on the beach to raise money for the local Volunteer Fire Dept.
    & even the work that went into SHOW & SHINE. Some of us ventured out to the Autocross & the unique Ukie Poker Rally.

    The awe-inspiring scenery, the surfers & thundering waves crashing on the black rock coastline added to our enjoyable weekend.

    Thanks Donald and Marlene for the photos and description.

    A few more photos from Steve Crosby

    Coquihalla weather in front. Yes thats snow.

    Four Porsche convoy in the weather behind. Vintage car breaking trail.

    Shopping at Coombs (Poodles on the roof??).

    Tony stop bothering that wooden dragon.

    Jeff negotiating with a car wash attendant.

    A well heeled world renown photographer ducking behind a tree when a surf board was discovered where his ironing board used to be.

    Participants choice 1974 911 Coupe.

    Artist at work. (Sponsored by Michelin).

    First I’d like to thank….. Where is everyone going???