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  • Weekend in Whitefish - June 3-5 2011

    There were 2 purposes for this weekend. Firstly, it was to get away on a mini holiday together. Many of us are so close, it's a like a family. We'll take any opportunity to have a weekend trek together and Whitefish seemed like the ideal place.

    It's a reasonable drive from Calgary (5 hours) and the spread of 3 days allowed people to adjust their schedules around the activities. Most people drove down on Friday morning but for the few who could not get the day off work, there was a meeting point for Saturday.

    The second reason for this trip was to gauge the Lodge for a possible zone 6 event. The Lodge at Whitefish lake was so incredibly accommodating to us, they even offered to set up a car wash in the underground parking if there were enough cars.

    Unfortunately we were below the threshold for this, but we're hoping that next year's event will have well over 100 participants. Another advantage of a larger group is that they will host a lakeside dinner in their outdoor tent.

    The hotel is ideally set up for large group functions and I believe it would be the best place to go for a zone 6 event. We tested it out and with our group of 14 cars, about 30 people all had a very good time. The service was outstanding, the decor was beautiful and they gave us a fantastic group rate.

    We met up with some local PCA'ers and had a dinner together, they are just like us, a fun bunch that also is excited about a possibility of a larger function next year. There are many places to drive around the area, we drove the Libby Dam route and it is so scenic, twisty roads in great condition, perfect for a Porsche.

    Stay tuned for more information, a plan is being devised for next year's Weekend in Whitefish and this time our proposed weekend will be in late September.