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  • The birth of Wild Rose Region

    I was digging in the past and finally found a few news worthy statistics about the

    Aug 1982 a group of brave Porsche enthusiasts applied to PCA to have our own Region.
    That time the requirement from PCA was that anybody who wanted to have their own Region needed 25 PCA members in good standing order to form a Region.
    I am proud to say that in the list of the 25 original members, I see quite a few names which are still members as of today and are quite active in our club, but also sadly some of those original members are no longer Porsche drivers. “RIP”.

    Oct 1982 PCA granted the Wild Rose Region our charter and we proceeded with our club functions.

    You might ask where those 25 members came from. Those original PCA members where all Calgarians and belonged to the Canada West Region.

    October 1982 the Wild Rose Region was comprised of Alberta, Saskatchewan and all of Manitoba.
    Over the years, the Wild Rose Region shrunk, we lost Manitoba and Northern Alberta, they formed there own Region.

    So when I find more statistics or tidbits, I'll let you know.