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  • Season Opener 2014

    On May 25th, the Wild Rose Region had its season opener drive to kick of the year of summer fun & togetherness.

    With our unpredictable Calgary weather, we never really know what type of day we'll get. It turned out we were extremely lucky to have a lovely early spring day! The sun was out, roads were clear and many were in attendance.

    A total of 45 people & 25 cars was a lovely train winding through the mountains. I have never seen such a strong showing of new members at one event. A raise of the hands made it obvious that over 50% of attendees were new! An extra welcome goes out to to all the new members!

    This year we have a new departure location for drives leaving the NW. Crowfoot was the old starting point, but over the fall & winter, they re-paved the area, built a few new restaurants and added high medians. It's not as navigable as previous years, especially with a large group.

    Brodie and I scoured nearby and discovered there is another Second Cup with fantastic access to the countryside & mountain routes we love to take. It's really easy; one set of lights and off we go!

    The route took us down 1A which still has its “famous undulations” but was pothole-free. If anyone is wondering what its like; the twistiest road in the vicinity held through winter extremely well.

    We drove to Canmore and looped around under the bridge to return East and to the final stop: Stoney Nakoda Lodge. The Lodge gave us a private room for our group and brunch was frugally tasty.

    I would host events there in the future as they were very easy to deal with and happy to accommodate anything we desired. After brunch we returned to the parking lot to get in a few more photo ops and that completed the wonderful day.