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  • Lake Louise Ice Festival 2018

    It's been a while since the "Photos of Past Events" section has been updated, but that doesn't mean there's been nothing happening. On the contrary, the past couple of years have been filled with non-stop fun!

    This year had the first official winter drive. We went to Lake Louise for the Ice Carving Festival. 14 people attended this event which took place on Saturday January 20th 2018 which was the final day of competition. We saw the carvers add the final touches to their creations ahead of the judging later that same day.

    It was spectacular to see the small details in these huge carvings. The sculptors are truly impressive artists and we spent about 2 hours wandering through the 8 stations watching them smooth, chisel & assemble the final parts of the sculptures. The temperature was about -7 with light snow falling from bushy hanging clouds. You could hear sleigh bells as the horse drawn carriages wandered by. It was the picture perfect winter wonderland scene. I could have stayed there forever. But at -7, one can only remain outdoors for so long, then we decided it's time for lunch.

    Despite the crowds, we managed to get a table for 14 in one of the Chateau's restaurants. We warmed up with plenty of coffee, hot chocolate and bellies full of food, then ventured back outdoors again to check out the scene on the lake. They had the big castle sculpture and skating rink open, which we wandered for a while before parting ways. It was nice to get out with members during the winter, and we hope to do this again next year!