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  • Memorial & Season Closer Drive - September 22, 2019

    As the summer driving season comes to an end, we celebrate this occasion with a memorial drive in remembrance of those who passed. We combine the season closer with a memorial drive every year because it's important to be reminded that life is short, so we must appreciate every day we have on earth and affectionately hug the ones we love.

    We hit the road on a scenic trip through stunning foll foliage, ending up at the gorgeous Silvertip Resort in Canmore for a breakfast buffet with a view.

    The date was Sunday September 22nd. What most people don't know is that this drive was originally scheduled for the following Sunday. It was moved up a week because after everything was arranged, we decided to attend the High River Car Show which takes place the last Sunday in September. I was able to update the contract with Silvertip and the new date was set. This was all planned back in April. Little did I know that this would be the last nice weekend of the year!

    As I write this post today (Thursday), there is a winter storm warning in effect for Canmore. Over the weekend, they are getting 15 cm of snow. Sunday's forecast high is -2 degrees. I'm sure a winter storm is looming here in Calgary too because the forecast is currently 10 cm of snow and -1.

    What an unimaginable stroke of luck! In comparison, last Sunday was 15 degrees and sunny.

    On the day of the Silvertip brunch, we had arrangements for all 48 attendees to sit inside our own private room in the pavilion. After we parked all 28 cars, we streamed into the main lodge like a row of ants. The host led us across the patio to reach the pavilion room because it was a shortcut.

    I noticed that the tables on the patio were empty, so as we entered our room, I immediately turned around 180 degrees and walked back out the door, then proceeded to pick a table outside. The rest of the 48 people did the same - entered the building and thought "heck, no! It's too nice outside to be inhere." then turned around and sat outside too. Again I thought“wow, what a stroke of luck” because the patio is usually really busy, especially on a sunny weekend day.

    It turned out to bean exceptional day. The route was fantastic, the food was delicious and I even got a little sunburn on my arms & face. We sat on the hot & sunny patio until 2 pm chatting! You couldn't ask for anything more in late September. It was one of the most pleasant season closer drives. Now bring on the snow!