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    Introducing one of the friendliest groups of Porsche enthusiasts you'll ever meet!

    The Porsche Club of America Wild Rose Region is a group of passionate Porsche owners that enjoy social gatherings, group drives, track days, autocross, tech sessions and many other special events.

  • 2011 Season Opener - Lining up our cars for a group photo. To become a member of the PCA Wild Rose Region <a href=''>CLICK HERE</a>. 2010 Highwood Pass drive on a beautiful day. To see the calendar of club events <a href=''>CLICK HERE</a>. Chain Lakes 2010 - Stopping for photos. Escape 2010 - The big car show. Porsche Center Calgary

    Members of the club are very friendly and come from all walks of life. You'll find a wide variety of Porsche models from the antique to the brand new and everything in between. It doesn't matter if you have an old Porsche that you found in a farmer's field and fixed up yourself, or if you have the latest model from the dealership, everyone has a story behind their car and we are all equals, there are no snobs here, no one feels the need to "Keep up with the Joneses".

    VSCCC car show 2010

    When you come to your first meeting or event you'll immediately notice how friendly everyone is. New members are welcomed with open arms and you'll soon find yourself with even more passion for the cars and and forming friendships with the club members. Our motto is "Come for the Cars, Stay for the People". Once you attend your first event, you'll be hooked. We have more fun then you can imagine, so attend a meeting or event to experience this for yourself, you don't need to be a member to attend your first meeting, you can drop in and see what it's like before signing up. Even though the Wild Rose Region consists of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, the majority of these events are held in and around the Calgary area. We're not restricted to Canada however as we frequently enjoy 3 and 4 day driving tours all over the USA.

    Club members from Calgary and Medicine Hat at the entrance of Yellowstone National Park

    Our website offers useful information including a calendar of upcoming events, a section dedicated to sharing photos of past events, other useful club information and contacts. We also have a forum which any member can suggest a drive - if you want to go somewhere, why not suggest a meeting place in the forum and maybe some people will show up and join you! The forum also has discussions of events and meetings, tech talk, classified ads and more, it's a great way to reach out to other members and to get your opinions and suggestions out there for all to see.

    A line of different Porsches

    Both the Porsche Club of America Wild Rose Region and South Center Fine Cars wish you to have the maximum enjoyment and benefits of your Porsche owning and driving experience. As a result they jointly offer you membership in the Porsche Club of America where you will receive numerous benefits. (Click to find out more).