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  • Autocross Corner Worker Guide

    General Rules - Safety First! 

    1. Safety is PRIMARY! Never turn your back on the course or a car. Always be alert. There may be two cars on course at the same time. 

    2. Prohibited at the corner stations: Cameras, Cell phones, and other similar distractions – if your cell phone is in your pocket – turn it OFF. If you are observed holding a cell phone on the course, you may be asked to leave. The safety of everyone on the course demands your full attention. 

    3. Talk with adjacent corners and determine which cones or areas each of you will cover. 

    4. When more than one Cone-Setter is assigned to a corner, spread them out to effectively cover the area you have agreed to. 

    5. Do not sit down, wander from your post, engage in conversation, or get distracted in any way from the action on the course. 

    6. Photographers are not allowed on the course without approval and a spotter. If you see someone taking pictures near the course who you think is not approved (no spotter) please ask them to go to the trailer immediately. 

    7. Watch for intruders (pedestrians or non-participant vehicles) entering the course area. Flag them away and/or use the radio to call attention (and the red flag if needed). 

    Cone-Setter Instructions 

    1. Watch the cones as the car approaches and as the back of the car passes as it may hit or move the cones at either of these points. 

    2. RUN, DON’T WALK when resetting a toppled or moved cone. Also keep track of all cars currently on the course. 

    3. Do not put yourself in any danger; do not run for a cone if the 2nd car is fast approaching, or if you cannot safely correct it. The driver has the option of stopping before reaching the downed cone and getting a rerun or going through it and accepting the run as is. 

    4. When resetting cones, communicate to the Radio Person any cones which are penalties. 

    Radio Person Instructions 

    1. RADIO USAGE - Hold the button for a second then talk with the radio about 8 inches from your mouth. Do not hold the button if you are not talking. 

    2. Hold the flag so that it cannot be mistaken for a warning but in a manner that it can quickly be raised and waved when needed. 

    3. Always be looking out for the corner workers at your station. Wave the red flag and radio “Red flag” if any worker is in danger. 

    4. Wave the Red Flag vigorously if a safety issue occurs in your area and call “Red Flag” on the radio. If you hear “Red Flag” on the radio, raise and wave your “Red Flag” immediately. 

    5. You are responsible to notify the Timer if a penalty has been incurred in your area. 

    6. When calling in a penalty – Call in with your Corner #, the Car number and then the Penalty. For example: “Corner 1, Car 51, DNF (missed a gate)” or “Corner 2, Car 64, 2 cones”. 


    1. If a car goes “off course” by missing a gate, the car gets a “DNF” penalty, or “Did Not Finish” and no time is recorded. 

    2. If a cone is toppled, there is a 2-second penalty for each cone.

    3. If a cone is still standing but it has been moved completely out of its box, there is a 2-second penalty.
        Note: If a cone has been hit but remains standing and is at least partially inside its box, there is no penalty.

    4. Cones hit before the start or after the finish count as penalties.


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