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  • Porsche Club Autocross



    Autocross is a very popular event for the club. It gives members an opportunity to hone their precision driving skills in a safe, controlled setting. We even have timing equipment to log each run so you can set your own goals and observe your progress during the day.

    The events are set with limits on the number of registrations so participants can get lots of runs. In some ways our autocross events are more like lapping events. Instead of getting 4 to 8 runs over the course of a day like an average autocross competition, many members are seeing 12 to 20 plus runs.


    Wild Rose Region Porsche Club Autocross events within Alberta are just for fun, not an actual competition, but of course the friendly competition can be fierce! Who's the fastest? Who completes their run without running over cones? You'll find this day a bowl of laughs and one heck of a good time while navigating around cones set up in a course.


    If you're new to autocross please check out the following pages: 
    Autocross Rules and Autocross tech inspection.





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