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The Wild Rose Region closes the summer events season with a drive on Highway 40 through Kananaskis. End point is a buffet brunch at Kananaskis Lodge.

Pre-payment is required for brunch.
Brunch is $45 per person.


Date: Sunday, September 17

Meeting Location: Starbucks at 6115 Sunpark Plaza SE

Meeting Time: 8:00 AM - Depart 8:30am / 2nd group likely 15 minutes later

Arrival Time: 11:30 AM

Tour Lead Group 1: Mark & Yvette Winslow

Sweep Group 1: John C.

Lead Group 2: George C.

Sweep Group 2: Harold Oga

Route Map: Driving directions are posted HERE

If you do not have a Kananaskis Conservation pass, please CLICK HERE to purchase yours. (Day $15 + GST / Annual $90 + GST)

RSVP Deadline: RSVP has closed

How to RSVP:

1. Use the paypal link below to purchase the required number of tickets

2. On this page click that you are "Going" and leave a comment to share with others



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Sorry that we can't make this one, Yvette and Mark. We leave for Rennsport three days later and the list of to-dos is a mile long. Enjoy!

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51 minutes ago, bfbc said:

(=Back From BC) First time ever with Wild Rose Group


Welcome, Dale. Enjoy the drive!

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We will have tow Porsches with four people. Looking forward to it Cari and Michele

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Hi there, just seeing this and seeing registration closed yesterday. Too late to join??  Fingers crossed not...

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I just got word my passenger is able to make it so I would go as well if we're still able to register. Otherwise I'll miss it.

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Maybe those of us who didn't make the timing cut, can start our own rogue group 5 minutes behind the official pack (and bring sandwiches to eat in the parking lot!). 😉

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Thank you to everyone involved with organising this event, it was an absolute banger.

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25 minutes ago, deemar said:

Thank you to everyone involved with organising this event, it was an absolute banger.

Agreed! Thank you! Great route, amazing turnout!

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What a great way to finish off the season! Thank you Yvette and Mark. 

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Great turnout for a spectacular drive into the mountains.

Please submit any photos you took to newsletter@porsceh.ab.ca  Submit your original photos and we will crop and colour adjust as needed for a photo spread in the next newsletter.


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What a great event and turnout! Just shows what Porsche passion is all about. Thanks for planning this. 

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