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Dyno-tuning Demonstration - Sheni’s Auto Trend

Bob Kerr
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Dyno-tuning Demonstration - Sheni’s Auto Trend

Our next Tech Event on Thursday at 6:30pm on September 14th at Sheni’s Auto Trend.

This should be a fun and educational evening. The main focus of the evening will be running 2 members cars on their state-of the-art Dynamometer as well as Sheni’s tuned and chipped 2018 911 Turbo S.
As you may be aware, dyno-tuning is a great way to evaluate your engine. It may create tuning opportunities to optimize performance, improve power and throttle response, lower fuel consumption, etc.
During dyno-tuning, Sheni’s technicians will connect the car to their diagnostic system to obtain all of the needed information with a few rev’s of the engine. They will then discuss opportunities to optimize performance.

Time: 6:30pm

Date: Thursday, September 14th

Where: Sheni’s AutoTrend, 521 53 Ave SE, Calgary

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Ryan will be joining. Would like to volunteer my "Supercharged Klasic" for the dyno run :)

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Dear Participants:

Your newsletter team is looking for a short writeup and  a bunch of photos from this event to share with the members who did not attend. Please send us your photos ASAP.  RAW photos file are best followed by high resolution jpg.  Don't worry about cropping, we'll take care of that as we organize the next issue.

A short few paragraphs about the event would make our day!

Send soon to newsletter@porsche.ab.ca.



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