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Porsche Parade 2020 Palm Springs June 21-27

911 Turbo

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We are 95% positive that we are going, just for the event though planning to arrive Saturday June 20 and will likely start heading home Saturday June 27.

Thanks Martin for putting the feelers out

Yvette & Mark

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If my car is ready in time I would love to join for the drive down/back. My Aunt and Uncle live in Palm Desert 15 mins away from the event so would crash at their place.. This would be an amazing adventure and my first Parade fingers crossed I can come.

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Mike it should be a good time. The road trip itself will be part of the adventure. It is worth the effort to see if you can join Danielle or Yvette's groups.


Christina and I drove to the Portland Parade with Danielle some years ago and we really enjoyed the trip.


Christina and I are attending the Riverside Region (RsR) year end event in a bit over a week and will get an idea of some of the events and cool drives that are in the works.



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I just posted my questions in a different section and just saw this thread. Sorry for the duplication, but my post was as follows:


Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

I was wondering if I could ask for some advice. I believe I’m going to drive my Boxster 718 GTS down to Palm Springs in June to attend the “Porsche Parade”. I’ve never attended one of the "Parades" before and was wondering if any members have could offer any advice? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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I'd be interested in driving down there, but somewhat nervous about the overnight stops and leaving the 930 outside at various places and especially Palm Springs - it does to fairly warm there! Appreciate any feedback and if anyone looking to go as a group.
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The group we're travelling in has a maximum of 12 people and is full.

Perhaps another keener can arrange a group trip for others and we'll all meet up in Palm Springs.


To prevent excessive heat when parked in Palm Springs, we are bringing a car cover.


I recall the good times we had at Spokane Parade, can't wait for a repeat of the fun adventures. Around 20-25 WRR members attended, more was certainly merrier! The total attendance was around 2,500 people.


My piece of advice would be to attend the first 5 days. It's not necessary to stay the whole week, although we did in Spokane just to try out the whole thing. My highlight of the week was the Gimmick rally (usually occurs on Thursdays). Don't pack your schedule too full or you'll get exhausted, there's so much to see & do but a little downtime is a good thing.



Nightly gathering of WRR members sharing stories of the day's adventures at Spokane Parade 2017



Literally a sea of Porsches:


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Hi John Yvette and I are leaving on june 19 th and plan to do the drive in 2 days. we have traveled in our porsches through out canada and the u.s. and have never had any issues when leaving our cars at night. Mark
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Also never had an issue parking our Porsche overnight at hotels albeit I may have double checked it was locked and alarmed a couple of times :) Have had several folks admire the car and ask questions........"was that car in the movie,.......", all good!

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For those new to Parade, the road trip is as much fun as the destination.


I have driven my various Porsches back and forth from Calgary to the Coachella valley many times and never had problems with the security for my cars. It will be warm and so you can use a sun screen to cover the font window when parking outside. It keeps some of the heat down inside the car. It does cool off in the desert in the evenings. Expect nightly lows in the low 70s after the sun goes down.


December 2019 Panorama has an article at page 99 on the 65th Parade in Palm Springs.


Key dates to remember:


- Phase 1 registration (basic Parade registration, can book hotel) opens Tuesday January 28, 12 noon EST.


- Phase 2 is for banquets, events and tours and begins March 31, 12 noon EST.


- Registration closes May 31 11:59 pm EST.


I understand Parade in California generally gets a good turnout so you can expect a lot of cool cars, fun PCA folks and a good time.


There are some 140 or so golf courses in the valley, lots of very good restaurants and lots to do. The shopping and restaurants on el Paseo are fun. If you need any tips on things to do or places to see, let Christina or I know.


Best regards, Martin

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Hi. Thanks for the input and answers to my questions earlier in the thread.


I registered today as well as booked a 1 bedroom villa with kitchen at the resort. Not as expensive as I thought, actually. I'll drive down, my wife Darlene will fly down and join me for the week and fly back. I'm going to drive east a bit on the historic route 66 and come home the long way. Look forward to standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona.....


Since this is my first Parade I'm looking forward to the descriptions of the events. Any recommendations of things to "for sure" register for? Thanks in advance.

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The Winslows are registered as well. We are leaving early on the 19th of June arriving late day the 20th. Hoofing it down but have done it many times. We plan to stay a week longer on the coast somewhere.

Really looking forward to it.

Yvette & Mark


Martin looking forward to seeing you and Christina!!

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Loc&Loan registered, very exciting!!!! We go with Danielle group. We stop to see my Mom in Sacramento and taking the coast route home.

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I was fortunate to join the 2020 PCA Region 14 Presidents for their dinner at the Adobe Grill in the site of the La Quinta Resort. This resort will host the 2020 Parade. It was good to see other Wild Rose members there and to connect with other PCA friends in Region 14 Thanks to Yvette for the invite. Best regards, Martin
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