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1st WRR PCA HPDE at Rocky Mountain Motorsports


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After a long drought, WRR finally has a local road racing track!  Here is your opportunity to drive a world class track with your fellow PCA club members.

We are working with Rocky Mountain Motorsports on the first High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) held there by our region.  This will be an opportunity for both new and experienced track drivers on RMM’s exciting, new Calgary area track Rocky Mountain Motorsports - Calgary, AB (rockymotorsports.com)  We are targeting an evening session 5-8:30 PM on one of the following days, September 12-14.  The actual date will depend upon when we have the number of participants, so that we can commit. 

If you’ve never tracked, and want to learn what its about, view this video  PCA HPDE VIR 19 final.mp4 (dropbox.com). PCA HPDEs offer you a safe controlled environment for you to improve your driving skills.  You will explore the thrills of using the racing DNA built into all Porsches. This is done without the risks of public roads hazards, on a track designed to challenge you.  You will not be racing, nor will you be pushed beyond your comfort zone against your will.  We are keeping the numbers low to ensure plenty of seat time for the participants, so don’t delay.

In addition to lapping sessions for everyone, novice track participants will benefit from PCA’s HPDE Driver training.  This will include a pre-requisite classroom training (to maximize seat time), as well as on track training. You will be surrounded by supportive friends, in a robust, decades-old PCA HPDE Program designed to help you learn and lap safely.

We are compiling a profile of the club participants to help RMM determine the pricing and facilities we will need.  Please  complete the questionnaire in the attachments, send it to [email protected] , and indicate in the replies, that you’re planning to attend.  Do this promptly (i.e., before August 15), so that we can get our time booked, as timeslots are closing quickly.

We are targeting a fee for the event in the range of $350-$500 per driver, depending upon the number of participants.  We may open this event to non-PCAers if we do not have sufficient participants.  Please contact [email protected], if you have any questions.

RMM Questionnaire.docx

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