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New Guy with a question

jesse livermore

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jesse livermore

Hello Everyone - I finally signed up with WRR. I have been a PCA member since 2016, but waited until I had a Porsche in the garage here in Alberta before I signed up with the region.

I moved from the East (that's all I am saying about that) just over a year ago. Retired and happily living just south of Calgary.

I just found Porsche number 4 for me. A 2015 Boxster S, manual gearbox. Being delivered next week from Kelowna. I had originally planned on flying in and driving home, but I didn't want to be "that guy" that got in the way of fire department etc. on the road with my Porsche. The car dealer got me a great deal to deliver it. 

Pic attached.

Can someone recommend an appraisal company? I am adding an agreed value clause on to my insurance - want to get an accurate price. 

I appreciate any help!


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I don't have an appraisal recommendation, but the car looks good in all black.

2000 Carrera Manual
2006 Cayman S Manual
2009 Cayenne GTS Manual
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Hi Jesse,

welcome to the club 

this is Loc (Cosmos) call me 403-803-0863, I can recommend an appraiser and insurance for your car.


2018 991.2 GTS

2018 Cayenne

1989 Carrera 3.2

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