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    As the summer driving season comes to an end, we celebrate this occasion with a memorial drive in remembrance of those who passed. We combine the season closer with a memorial drive every year because it's important to be reminded that life is short, so we must appreciate every day we have on earth and affectionately ...
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    It's been a while since the "Photos of Past Events" section has been updated, but that doesn't mean there's been nothing happening. On the contrary, the past couple of years have been filled with non-stop fun!

    This year had the ...
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    On May 25th, the Wild Rose Region had its season opener drive to kick of the year of summer fun & togetherness.

    With our unpredictable Calgary weather, we never really know what type of day we'll get. It turned out we were extremely ...
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    A historic event! 48 cars... Yes it looked and sounded as good as you imagine Almost a ratio of 1 Ferrari to 1 Porsche.

    It was a great opportunity for our club members to meet new people, the FCA members are just as friendly and outgoing as the PCA and as we all know half the fun of owning these cars is enjoying it with your friends ...
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    Here is an example of a day not going according to plan but it's about the people that make it great. Most of the road was under construction, the GPS led us a stray, but these things ...
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    It was due time to step well away from our own backyard and explore the great beyond. 5 cars and 9 people toured together through some of the most impressive roads, incredible scenery and enjoyed some of the best service at the establishments we visited.

    We left at 10:00 am on Thursday morning from High River and stopped in the “gruff” little town of Browning ...
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    There were 2 purposes for this weekend. Firstly, it was to get away on a mini holiday together. Many of us are so close, it's a like a family. We'll take any opportunity to have a weekend trek together and Whitefish seemed like the ideal place.

    It's a reasonable drive from ...
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  • PCA members from all over North America meeting at the 2017 Porsche Parade in Spokane Beautiful autumn scenery on an afternoon drive through Kananaskis. Lake Louise ice festival Taking the ferry on a weekend road trip through interior B.C. The annual New Members BBQ to celebrate our growing club. Every year we attend the European Car Show at Stanley Park Members from our region enjoying Canada Night at Porsche Parade 2017 - Spokane Porsche Center Calgary

    When you join our PCA chapter, the Wild Rose Region, you'll meet amazing, friendly people from Calgary and surrounding areas. The common verse: "it's not just the cars, it's the people" is so true.

    We are a close enthusiastic bunch of people who always love to see new faces. It doesn't matter if you have an old Porsche or a new one, you'll be welcome the same.

    Join us at a meeting to see what we're all about and you'll instantly find yourself amongst friends with a similar passion for cars. If you like what you see at the meeting, join the club and to participate on drives & social events.

    VSCCC car show 2010

    Our events calendar has a myriad of activities such as family friendly tours, day trips to the mountains, formal dinners, car shows, wing nights, cars & coffee meetups, impromptu breakfast drives and even multi-day road trips into BC or the USA.

    Club members from Calgary and Medicine Hat at the entrance of Yellowstone National Park

    Our website offers useful information including a calendar of upcoming events, a section dedicated to sharing photos of past events, other useful club information and contacts. We also have a forum which any member can suggest a drive - if you want to go somewhere, why not suggest a meeting place in the forum and maybe some people will show up and join you!

    The forum also has discussions of events and meetings, tech talk, classified ads and more, it's a great way to reach out to other members and to get your opinions and suggestions out there for all to see.

    A line of different Porsches

    Wild Rose Region membership also has other benefits. (Click here to find out more).