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Thread: Need Opinions

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    Rick, I wholeheartedly agree with the duck tail, waiting for the Canadian Peso to be a bit more favorable before I pull the trigger. Car is going in to Riegal tomorrow to have the suspension, steering, and ride height looked at. Looking to get better handling in the corners without disrupting ride quality to much! Really like the go faster stripes! what color do you think would look good on Rosewood Metallic? If any one has decent Photoshop skills, i would be interested in seeing some ideas.

    Eric, I have some great ideas for the interior. Only problem is it is lower on my priority list at the moment. The extended Shifter shaft however is right near the top! I expect my chiropractor bills to be lower after this mod too!

    12 Targa 4S - Amythist metallic
    '81 SC Targa - sold but not forgotten

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    Found this picture online. Not a front stripe but has the correct tail and Porsche side script.Name:  rosewood.jpg
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    Hi Paul ...

    Just found another pic that really showcases the balanced body lines of a duck tail spoiler on an air cooled 911 Targa.

    Name:  image.jpeg
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    This car needs to be lowered by an inch - inch and a half to complete the effect of being connected to the ground, otherwise a well sorted ride .. optically. (great wheels too)

    As far as handling improvements go, you may want to consider Blistein struts & shocks. That in concert with a tower brace really transformed my former Cassis Red 3.2 ... now owned by Stirling.

    Look forward to seeing how you transform your baby.

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    Thanks Rick,

    had ad my car at Reigal the other day. Imre advised to lose the 17" cup wheels as I am getting rubbing on the front tires when the suspension is compressed. Question I have for anyone in the know is do the cup wheels need spacers on the front. If so do I have the wrong size? I have a set of 16" fuchs (6 and 7's) but was hopping to keep for another project. Plan now is to upgrade the torsion bars, turbo tie rods, and sway bars and get the right stance.

    12 Targa 4S - Amythist metallic
    '81 SC Targa - sold but not forgotten

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    Here are some good examples of the ride height I consider ideal for handling optimization and visual appeal.

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    Name:  image.jpg
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    Name:  image.jpg
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    Regret none of these pictures demonstrate color combo options for your car.

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