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    Break-in the car...time for a road trip

    I know there are varying trains of thought regarding the proper break-in for a Porsche, including a number of those whose say it's not necessary at all, but my personal preference steers a little away from the "drive it like you stole it" approach and adds some mechanical sympathy staggered over the first 1,500km's or so.

    As I only got the GT4 last week, and with summer fading fast, a road trip was in order. Having been in Calgary for just over ten years now, and never having driven the "Going to the sun road", it seemed like a prime time to venture across the border and see what all the fuss was about...and why not make it a his and hers road trip while we were at it?!

    Well, the weather on Saturday, once in Glacier National Park, was quite frankly crap. Visibility went from bad to almost non existent, and as such we had no idea if the views lived up to the hype. Thankfully, the weather on Sunday was somewhat better, so we abandoned our original plan of returning via BC and the Crowsnest Pass, and instead just returned the way we came.

    As you'll be able to tell from the following pics a) I'm no photographer b) I just used my phone for the pics and c) the lighting was inconsistent, erring towards bad, most of the time. That said, they're here for everyone's perusal/enjoyment/general amusement anyway. They're pretty much in chronological order, the first couple being during the crappy Saturday weather, the rest during the varying but altogether markedly improved Sunday weather.

    All in all, well worth the trip and something I'd definitely recommend if you have a weekend to spare when the weather's decent.

    Mark R

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    have done this run twice in the 928........spectacular scenery. Extend the trip and go around the lake and over to Kalispel and back.....yipee!!!

    Great way to break the car in with very varied roads.
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    Yes this is a great ride this time of year now that the tourists are gone. Looking to hearing more about your thoughts on the GT4 as your time with it progresses.


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    Really enjoyed those pics. Thanks for posting!

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    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for posting those pictures, they are a reminder that the Going to the Sun Road is a real gem. Congratulations on your purchase of the GT4!



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