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Hi Keith,
You are so correct about the limited tire selection for the 15" wheel. My 944 originally came with 15x7. I went up to the 16x7&16x8 Turbo wheel but still had some troubles finding what I wanted for tires. I'm now running the 17" wheel where I have a wide verity of brands and styles to choose from.

Let me know if you need any help Keith.
See ya soon!!!
When we were at Luftgekuhlt last week, the curated portion was sponsored by Pirelli and they had the Pirelli people there highlighting their new re-issued classic tires, many N-rated and available though Porsche. You can imagine the cost, but at least there are some V rated 15" options.

I know when they were available in 15", many of the Early 911S and RGruppe guys ran the Potenzas and were very happy with them.