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    Cool Personalized Porsche T-Shirt

    I love the serendipitous nature of the Internet. Some of the coolest things I've found have been by accident, or at least not consciously. Case in point, I was butterflying around Ebay and came across a guy in Brazil that was doing custom T-shirts for cars. I'll shorten the story a bit, but I was impressed by what he did in rendering a car via e-mail that I don't have any longer, and don't even have a photo of it (nostalgia thing). The results were terrific. He did 3 drafts refining my description until the render was pretty much what I had in my minds eye. In about 3 hours.

    "If I send you pictures of my Porsches, can you do drawings?", I asked. His reply contained drafts of 2 of the 3 cars. The third came the next morning.

    Here is what I sent him:
    Name:  986_E2_Fotor.jpg
Views: 48
Size:  37.4 KBName:  987_E1.jpg
Views: 49
Size:  47.0 KBName:  981_E1.jpg
Views: 52
Size:  26.4 KB

    And these are the final drafts of what I got back:
    Name:  Porsche 981.jpg
Views: 52
Size:  34.5 KBName:  Porsche 986.jpg
Views: 51
Size:  31.8 KBName:  Porsche 987.jpg
Views: 51
Size:  32.3 KB

    Note the wheels are all correct. No my 981 doesn't have stripes, but I intend putting those on.
    I was impressed with his work, so I bought 3 T-shirts from him. I have no affiliation other than being a satisfied customer.

    So if you want your Porsche on a shirt, have a look here

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