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    Call for volunteers to participate in New club Logo committee.

    Good evening everyone ...

    As many of you know, 2017 represents the 35th anniversary of the Wild Rose Region chapter of the PCA.

    Much has happened since the club was first formed! We have grown considerably, acquaintances and friendships have formed and the club has continually evolved.

    As we continue to celebrate our 35th Year, we are looking to form a small committee of volunteers to oversee the creation and implementation of a New Logo to represent our club for the next chapter of our operation.

    We believe a logo conceived and designed by our members will help ensure our love of Porsche automobiles, pride in our club values and members' spirit are all captured and creatively symbolized.

    We encourage you to step up and participate in this initiative. We know we have many creative & artistic members in our midst, so talk to a fellow member and/or consider volunteering yourself for this exciting opportunity.

    If you are interested in getting involved simply respond to this notice and we (the executive) will reach out with further details.


    Yvette Winslow, President
    Rick Barnes, Vice President

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    i would be interested in volunteering for this

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    Yvette, I'd love to be a part of this in some capacity.

    I actually run my own Creative Agency here in town ( so working with brands and logos of this nature is pretty much what we do. Back when I was still in NY, I helped out on the Classic Car Club of Manhattan logo, and these days we do a ton of icon work for clients like Wired, Target, NYTimes, Car and Driver etc, so for us it's pretty second nature.
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    Thanks to both of you for volunteering, at our monthly meeting next week I will bring the logo topic up and see if we can get one or 2 more people to participate and will then move forward from there.

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    Have a look here for a little history

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    Has there been any movement on this?
    1990 964 C2 - Guards Red
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