At the start of every year the Wild Rose Region Porsche Club hosts a fun filled party we like to call a "Blast Off".

It's our largest social function and is meant to bring all the members together to celebrate the year, hand out awards and enjoy each others company. At this "Blast Off" party we hold a Silent Auction with various items donated by generous club members, sponsors and local businesses.

This is the only fund raising event that the club holds. The club functions primarily on the yearly dues collected from the membership. Holding the silent auction allows us to do even more to make the Porsche Club experience a rewarding one. Several years ago we held a vote on where the funds would be allocated. There was a lively debate with a broad range of suggestions. Some wanted to see it all go to charity, some wanted it to go towards the following years Blast Off party, some wanted the donors to decide where it would go and others wanted it left up to the executive to decide where spend it.

When the dust settled the decision was made to put it towards our newly created Drivers Education program. At that time our program was brand new and we wanted to reduce the cost to encourage more people to come out and take part in track related activities. Fast forward three years and things have changed. Our Drivers Education and Track programs are a resounding success that we all support and are proud to be a part of.

Our club has grown to nearly 400 members and our activity level has never been higher. As a result we thought we should once again ask our members where they would like to see the Silent Auction proceeds directed.

Please take the time to vote in our online poll.

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