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    The actual technical process is that I’m going to power the micro controller and shield from a usb in the car. I’ll connect to the micro controller via WiFi and view the can bus stream through a logging software

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    Quote Originally Posted by vr6tee View Post
    The actual technical process is that I’m going to power the micro controller and shield from a usb in the car. I’ll connect to the micro controller via WiFi and view the can bus stream through a logging software
    very interesting, somewhat similar use of technology albeit the use of Wifi.

    The sharktuner uses the cars diag port and transmits through usb to laptop stored s/w which is then analyzed and tweeked live for instant change and optimal tuning then averaged and stored in respective ign and fi Pems resulting in a custom tune for each app.
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    Can bus sniffer is ready. Just need the can bus back now
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    I haven’t updated this thread in while. Lots of new pics and progress, but here is one for now

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    I Had the car out for 91 octane pump gas tuning. It starts and drives like stock. The torque of the 4.2L is huge. On the waste-gate springs (14-15 psi), the car maxed out my primary 1300cc injectors at 6500 rpm. This is crazy for pump gas. When I switch to Ethanol, it will require 30% more fuel. I didn't expect to need to blend my 2300cc injectors in on pump gas. Using the Syvecs Accelerometer and injector calculations, the car is making 1045 WHP on pump gas. It's making so much power that I've decided to set my target boost lower than expected. I have a dyno scheduled this Friday and expect to stop @30 PSI instead of the initial 40 PSI I was targeting.

    Updates on E85 to follow ......

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    That is so insane in a good way James!!

    I hope the weather miraculously turns in our favour so I can see that beast roar down the strip on Saturday!

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    I had the car to the dyno last Friday. We got through all of the drivability tuning and it went really well. When we went to turn the car up, I ran into fueling issues. As soon as we brought the boost up at all, the car was leaning out. I thought that I might have had a dead fuel pump so we called it a day. The car made 1055WHP/930TQ @ 18psi on a Mustang dyno. I brought the car home and discovered a mistake I made in the FPR pressure source. (After changing filter element, fuel strainers and testing for a full day)

    Anyway, the car is ready to go back to the dyno and make some boost, I just need the snow to melt so I can get there!

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    Went out and started to set up the launch control and did some mid boost tests. Name:  A9C87713-ADCA-4ED6-9D23-FBCC670ED678.jpg
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    Well, Winter is upon us once again..... and that means there is time to change a few things. Life was incredibly busy in 2018 and I only managed to get the car out a few times (late in the summer). I managed a 9 second 1/4 mile on an unprepared airstrip. That is pretty awesome. The car also ran 155 MPH in the 1/4 mile. I had the boost limited in 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear because of the cold temps and traction issues (22-25 psi). Boost was set at 29 psi in 4th, 5th gears. I had my maximum boost map set at 35 psi in the ECU, but didn't end up getting there in 2018. There just wasn't enough time for me to get the car 100% setup, but the car is running amazing.

    Moving on to 2019......
    I hear a bit of lifter knock coming from bank 2. I was revving the car to 7800 RPM and it was peaking at 8300 RPM on shifts. The lifters are not happy, so I'm converting the car to a hydro setup. No more vario-cam and no more intake lifters. I having custom billet cams made and running all exhaust lifters and higher tension valve springs. This will allow the car to safely rev to 8300 RPM.
    In order to run 9.9@155MPH, I ended the 1/4 mile in 5th gear. That is 4 shifts! Each shift averages 400-500ms. That is roughly 2 seconds in shifting throughout the run. I've also been pushing the stock 997TT gear set to the limit with 1700+ HP. To help this, I'm building a custom trans. I'm installing a 996TT trans with GT2RS mainshaft and 1/2, Guard billet 3/4/5 straight cut gears, wavetrac diff, BRM side plate, CMS shift arrester, billet shift forks, steel syncros etc. This trans will be much stronger and has longer gears. On my existing trans, I was able to run 147 MPH in 4th gear. With the new box, I am able to run 170 MPH in 4th gear which is where I expect to be ending the 1/4 mile. This will also create more load on the turbos in every gear.

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    Wiring cleaned up, new spark plug wires made, catch can added, flex fuel sensor moved, vacuum lines re-made. Cams & lifters should be arriving in the next month and the new transmission by February.

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