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    2018 PCA WRR NOT-AN-AUTOCROSS AUTO-X EVENT #2 - Sunday, July 15, 2018

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    Who knew an empty parking lot plus a bunch of cones could equal so much fun!
    Even the rain couldn't damper the spirits & stop 25 drivers from coming out to the first event!

    If you missed the first event don't despair...

    If you haven't already, you will need to register for a free motorsportreg account.

    Registration deadline is July 8th.

    Registration Fee is $149. (pizza lunch included!)

    UPDATE - Former club members & friends of current club members will be allowed to register for the event as well. The registration fee for them will $199.
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    With what we've learned from the last autocross we're making a few changes so everyone can get even more runs.

    - The morning meeting and course walk will be much shorter.
    We plan on starting the driving at 9:30 am. Please plan on being at the location between 8:30 am to 9 am
    - Run groups will be evened out and each group will do 4 laps, then we'll switch to the next group. This will continue through the day.
    - We need volunteers! If your a participant it would be awesome but not required if you can help out.
    If your planning on spectating, a little volunteering will get you closer to the action, is greatly appreciated and volunteers get lunch!

    Please post in this thread or PM if your planning on spectating / volunteering or participating and will volunteer when not driving.

    Volunteers so far:


    Mark B

    Just registered!

    Can't wait, the first one was a ton of fun.

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    Would like to come out and help set-up, organize, and run things for the day ... give those volunteers from the first event a better chance to run. My son Jared and his GTI is addicted.
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    That's awesome Mark & the help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Will be out of town for this one. *&^$(*&%@$)^%
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    I'm sure there are several people concerned about possible warranty issues from participating in autocross.
    Brodie & I figured we get some clarification straight from the best source available.
    We stopped by the dealership & spoke with Casey, the service manager at Porsche Centre Calgary.
    He confirmed what we expected: that participating in an autocross itself would not completely void your warranty with them.
    Obviously consumables like tires & brake pads would not be covered.
    If you were to run over a wall of cones & shred some under panels, those would not be covered, no different than if you were to run over a parking curb or a deep icy rut.
    If you were to consistently over-rev your engine on the street, autocross or track, your powertrain warranty would probably be voided.

    Feel free to contact Casey for clarification.

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    What do you need the volunteers to do?

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    I’ll come spectate & volunteer. I can come help set up or whatever you need. Just let me know what time to arrive.

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    Probably the biggest job is having enough people to pick up the inevitable cones that get knocked over. The more people we have available for that, the more we can rotate shifts of people.

    I will confirm what time we'd like the volunteers there in the morning. It'll probably be around 7am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragon View Post
    Probably the biggest job is having enough people to pick up the inevitable cones that get knocked over. The more people we have available for that, the more we can rotate shifts of people..
    I'm happy to do that. I do that all the time for SASC and CSCC autoX's. I also have a lot of experience running start, grid, and timing (MJ timing system).


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