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    2018 pca wrr not-an-autocross auto-x events

    #1 - Saturday, June 16th
    #2 - Sunday, July 15th
    #3 - Sunday, August 19th
    The dates are confirmed!
    Mark your calendars as the events will go ahead rain or shine!
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    If you haven't already, you need to register for a free motorsportreg account.

    Registration deadline is July 8th.
    Registration Fee is $149

    Here's the Self-Tech Inspection Form for the July 15th Event.
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    We will be using the same venue as last year, the old Park & Jet location by the Calgary airport.
    Coincidentally it is the same location that the Calgary Sports Car Club & Southern Alberta Solosport Club use for their summer driving events. Now whether you call it Autocross, Solo2, Autoslalom or any other fancy name, ours will not be the traditional, competitive event. (well, you can always compete with yourself!).

    The first event on Saturday, June 16th, will be a "not-an-autocross autocross event". Huh, say what? For members troubled by the semantics , you can think of the event as a simple Car Control Clinic. I believe that term is actually part of official PCA-speak. Regardless, the chart below should highlight the advantages of our event:

    Real Autocross/Solo2/Autoslalom WRR "not-an-autocross autocross event"
    You only get 4 runs (4-6 minutes of driving time) Drivers could easily log 20 runs or more
    The rest of the 4-8 hours is spent volunteering (working) picking up cones, helping with timing, etc. You can volunteer or spend the rest of the time how you want: socializing, doing ride-alongís with instructors, watching & learning , etc
    If you miss a gate or hit a bunch of cones, that run is done. (no do-over because the sun was in your eyes) No biggie, someone will pick up the cones, you simply get back in the queue & wait for your next run
    You will generally only get advice & tips from someone not competing in your class Instructors will be available to give in-car instruction & everyone is willing to help everyone

    Now why should you strongly consider participating in our "not-an-autocross autocross event"?

    Well, for starters, as a member, you should support the club. Events like this are not income generators; volunteers organize these events for the members & it is the active participation of the members that help guarantee the success & future of these events. (okay, Iíll get off the soap-box now)

    This event will produce a level of ďdriver/car experienceĒ beyond the Sunday social cruises by offering an opportunity to legally & safely explore the performance characteristics of your car & exercise it in a way Ferdinand intended you too!
    This will provide an opportunity for you to explore or develop your performance driving skills.
    You can learn how your car responds to driver input in a controlled environment. Some of the driving skills easily mimic the appropriate responses for evasive, emergency driving maneuvers. This can increase driver confidence & aid in emergency driving situations as well as daily commuting on public roads.

    Did you know these events are actually good for your car? Now some of this may be more anecdotal than scientifically factual but Iím a firm believer! Every sports car worth its weight in gold that is driven regularly on public roads suffer from camber wear. The inside tread of the tires wears out far quicker than the outer part of the tread. The outer part of the tread rarely gets utilized during daily commutes. At our performance driving events, you in fact get to utilize & exercise the entire tread block of your tires! A couple performance events will not shorten the lifespan of your tires. If you want your brakes to perform optimally, most automotive experts suggest you bed-in your brake pads on a regular basis. Guess what, the braking youíll do during our performance driving events will negate the need to do that procedure.

    Will the event be safe?
    Let's be clear, any event can be dangerous, driving on the street can be dangerous! There is no wheel to wheel racing. You will not reach the track speeds our cars are capable of. 99.99% of drivers will be in 2nd gear for the entire course.

    You do not need to do anything special or fancy to prepare your car for the events. You donít need to go clear out Home Depotís supply of painter tape to decorate your car. Donít go out buying sets of sticky competition tires or a roll cage or a HANS device. (though Iím sure there are some of us who will use any excuse to justify that new piece of carbon fiber automotive jewelry or suspension upgrade or power add-on but thatís on you!) The only item you will need to obtain (through legal means of course) is a certified helmet. Unfortunately your in-line skating helmet or your offspringís bike helmet wonít suffice, even if it has go-fast racing stripes. Approved helmets must be manufactured to the current rating or the two previous ratings. Helmets built to Snell Foundation standards or other standards such as FIA 8860, SFI 31.1 and BS6658-85 Type A-FR are approved for use. Any helmet approved for PCA club racing is permitted.

    How much will the event cost? Much less than what the stunting ticket that a typical BMW or mustang driver would receive! (hehehe, no profiling; itís okay I know lots of BMW drivers & believe it or not, I used to own a í88 mustang) Joking aside, the registration fee will be similar to last seasonís events. It will be confirmed shortly with more details & registration information so stay tuned for that. Until then, keep yourself occupied anyway you can to pass the time until the snow melts & the asphalt clears!

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    Awesome!! Great to see this is happening again this year, both events last year were really fun. I've marked my calendar.
    05 911 C2S (997.1) in black with PCCB

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    "Did you know these events are actually good for your car?" Yoon, this is car did seem much happier after last years event!

    And I'm certainly looking forward to an even happier car this year...


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    Would this be limited to just Porsche's? I want to come with my 911tt but I think my wife would enjoy the experience in her car also.

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    Not just limited to Porsches. Spouses & significant others are definitely welcome & encouraged!

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    These were great events last year - looking forward to doing it again this year. Thanks for taking the lead on this, Yoon!

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    Excellent, thanks! Then we shall be there for sure

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    Me too! Yoon, thanks for taking over the organizing!

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    I'm in for at least one of the dates as long as my kids summer activities do suck up all my weekends. haha
    Rob Campbell

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