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Thread: 1/2 Mile 2018

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    It was a blast!
    Ross & I did the 1st run of the event & when I finally called it a day, the volunteers were doing fun runs with their cars.
    Times were all over the place as my archaic, human-activated launch control & shifting was inconsistent lol.
    1/2 mile speeds were in the 146-150mph with times varying from 18.9 to 21.8.
    I probably should have skipped the last run or two though, it was a sketchy drive home without the hydraulic assist on the clutch & virtually no power steering lol.

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    WRR Committee - Newsletter Editor KevinJ's Avatar
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    A few photos from the event! Article and photos to follow in a future newsletter.


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    Went to spectate and ended up staying all day. That was a total blast!
    Brodie should have his car ready for the next one.
    Will be interesting to see how it compares next to the E63 AMG wagon.
    Those Cadillacs were absolute beasts, never thought one could move so fast. They stole the show.

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    Great photos Kevin, I echo Danielle’s comments as I was there to spectate and stayed all day, it really was a fantastic way to spend the day. I’ll be going to the next one as well.

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    Agreed - great event! Installing a new differential in my M3 and will try to make it out to run (towards the back of the pack) in the next one!

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    I’m glad everyone enjoyed it. We had a lot of very positive feedback and I expect the future events to fill up quickly, but I’ll always keep spots open for club members to come down.

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    Ah too bad July 21st is the European Classic Car Show in Stanley Park.
    Maybe next one in August?
    Just not Sunday, August 19th, that's the club's 3rd not-an-autocross autocross event of the season.

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    Great Shots!

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    My last run of the day.
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    Nice video, now I know where I lost my linguistic license plate "mod"


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