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Thread: 1/2 Mile 2018

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    How do you get an account for that website?
    Bob James

    79 - 911 SC Sold

    06 Cayman S
    2010 Panamera Turbo

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    Hey Steve; I believe you can either contact Raz or James or what I did was log on to the 1/2mile site & register for the event & send a note to use my credit from the cancelled event.

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    Hey Bob, here's the link to register (create profile) for the site.
    I believe after you register, one of the site administrators has to approve your account before you can register for an event as a driver.

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    At the moment, it looks like a pair of 996 turbos, 997 turbos & a 991 turbo from the club are registered!

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    Did the event happen? If I am not mistaken it was supposed to be last Saturday but the WX wasn't all that good again.

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    Hey Steve it was on Sunday, June 9th.
    The next one is scheduled for Sunday, July 14th.


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