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    Autocross Run from 2017

    Quick video of one of the runs from last season's autocross sessions.
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    Great demonstration of the fun, thanks for sharing the video.

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    Fake News! I saw that guy...he was waaaaaaay farther away from the cones!

    Nice run Yoon!...

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    Thanks Yoon, cool video! If I had recorded my runs I would have to mute out 1) swearing, 2) cone slapping, 3) excessive tire squeal and 4) the condescending applause by the gallery at the end of the run!!


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    I put music over it to drown all that stuff out, Marc.

    If I'm not mistaken this was the fastest run of the day ,,,, M
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    You guys & your fancy cameras...I had to draw pictures of my runs...

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    drawings are faster, especially in pencil..........vroom!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by al k View Post
    You guys & your fancy cameras...I had to draw pictures of my runs...

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    Nice video Yoon, look forward to this season

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    Great job Yoon! I’m excited for this season.

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