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Thread: WTB: 964 or 993

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m looking to purchase either a 964 or 993 coupe. I’m open to either a C2 or C4. I’m willing to travel to find the correct car. If you’re looking to sell or know of a car for sale please let me know. Thanks!

    Hey Josh

    I was an active PCA Wildrose member between 2009-2012. I was mainly active with the Race City Speedway crowd though I did attend an event once at Brodie and Danielle's house. Not sure how much they would remember me, but I remember them as I live really close to them on the other side of Country Hills Blvd in Edgemont (assuming they still live in the Hamptons).

    Anyway, guess what. I own a silver 1997 Porsche 993C2 Coupe and the reason why I have decided to crawl out from under the rock I have been hiding under all these years was because I recently heard about the news that the Badlands Motorsports race track is supposed to open in the summer of 2019 and I am not so sure I should be tracking my 993 anymore. Because of that I am in the process of buying myself a 2010 997.2 3.8L C2S and the logical side of my brain tells me that I should sell the 993. But of course the emotional side is saying "Are you nuts, don't sell that car, you love driving it" and I will be honest the 993 is so much more engaging to drive than the 997 is. But the 997 will be a nice noticeable performance improvement on the track and hence why I have decided to pull the trigger and buy it.

    I am the 3rd owner of the 993. I have owned it since 2009 and I have all the maintenance receipts from the 2nd owner as well as I kept all my receipts. Riegel Tuning just did an inspection on the 993 the other day and with the exception of needing to replace the front struts because one was leaking (I have scheduled a follow up appointment with Riegel to have this work done) and the fact that I might need to look into replacing the rear tires soon, the 993 passed the inspection with no other concerns. The car has never been in an accident (I recently ran a Car Fax report to prove this) and I am also planning on having the car professionally detailed to make sure the paint job is the best that it can possibly be. I cannot say for certain when all the work will be done, but the plan is to get the car into its best possible "It's ready to drive, everything that was needed to be done has been done" shape. So I am going to estimate that in about a month from now the car should be ready to be put on the open market and if you are still in the market by then, I just wanted you to know about my 993 located here in Calgary.

    Steve A
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