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    I registered and paid with only 2 hours left before the sign up deadline passed last night. Hopefully I dotted all my 'T's and crossed my 'I's properly. LOL ...

    I already had an account previously setup with since I have raced before with the CKRC. So it was just a matter of registering and paying for this event. But I am a autocross newbie. I have experience driving Porsche 911s on race tracks in DE open lapping sessions and I have experience racing a Rotax DD2 kart. But this thing about burning around a parking lot with cones is new to me. Be kind. Hopefully I won't be killing more cones than the average cone killer out there.

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    Can't wait, only 6 sleeps away!
    We have 25 drivers paid & confirmed!

    I'm hoping there's no lingering issues with my clutch & it gets broken-in before Sunday.

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    Dragon, have you confirmed what time you’d like volunteers to arrive?

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    Hi all, we would like volunteers to arrive at 7:00am if possible.

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    Only 3 sleeps away!

    The lot was recently swept so we will have a fairly clean course & what a course!

    It will be a bit longer than any of our previous courses & the course designer (Reijo) modelled a section of it after the triple apex Istanbul corner that
    Nico Rosberg said it was his favourite corner of the F1 circuit! Coincidentally, it's also incorporated into the Badlands Motorsports track design!

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    Less than 36 hours to our next auto event!
    Tonight's crazy wind did blow a sand storm through the parking lot but the weather looks great for Sunday!

    The morning schedule is as follows:

    7:00am – Volunteers arrive
    Last minute prep & final set-up

    8:15am – Volunteers meeting

    8:30am – Check-in, waivers, tech inspection forms
    Open Course Walk

    9:00am – Opening Remarks & Driver’s meeting

    9:10am – Guided Course Walk for the newer drivers

    9:30am – 1st Set of runs for Group A

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    I need to pull myself from the event. I went to fill up this morning and closed the car door on the tip of my index finger. There is too much pain and blood to consider my right hand useful for the next few days and driving in an autocross event is out of the question with only one hand. :/

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    Thanks to Yoon, Brodie and all others involved in putting on another great "not" AutoX.

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    Thanks to everyone who organized the event and a special thanks to the volunteers! I would have stayed longer for more runs and help clean up, but I was almost out of gas, who would’ve thunk I could hit 80 in a parking lot

    i’ve got a bunch of pictures, so email me your car and email address and I will send you a link to get them all (only a few good ones as I was never in the right place)

    email bjames @ snetworks dot com

    what a blast!

    Bob James
    Bob James

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    06 Cayman S
    2010 Panamera Turbo

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    Best event ever Yoon! I think you have fine-tuned it to be fun for everyone who attended. The track layout was also incredible and will be tough to beat!



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