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    Garage door installers?

    Does anyone know of a good garage door installer or company they would recommend?

    i recently moved to a new (to me) house, and want to install lifts into the garage. The garage has a split internal roof height, so to allow full height access on both sides I need to get rid of the door tracks - so out with the standard sectional overhead door, and in with a roll up door seems the answer. Calgary has lots of options in the traditional spaces, sectional residential doors are all over, and commercial (read industrial looking and very expensive) roll up doors are also available. Not so much on residential roll ups however. Iíve been talking to a company in BC ( that has nice doors at affordable prices (and can deliver here), but they donít have an installer in Calgary yet.

    Iíve contacted a few installers here, but in 3 weeks I havenít been able to get someone to actually quote. The bigger companies (with their own door lines) will send someone over, but really only want to sell me one of their ugly commercial doors (at 3-4x the price). The smaller independent installers Iíve contacted so far are just plain flakey - does anyone bother to show up for an appointment anymore?

    If someone out there could recommend a reliable/experienced option I could follow up on, please post here or PM me. As an aside, I suspect this could lead to a great long term business opportunity for someone in the installer world looking to build a business backstopped by a unique door offering in this market. Thereís got to be someone interested in that...?

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    My friend Max had his shop doors installed by a third party. Let me find out who he used

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    hi you may recall I have a car lift in my garage and had to get rid of the traditional garage door opener and tracks.

    I went with a new 'torsion' bar opener from Glenmore Overhead Doors. It just so happened they have a guy outside the city who covers the rural towns. He came one morning and was done well before noon including helping pushing my S4 around...........great service and good price.........fully recommend them.

    Let me know if you need further details
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    My friend used a company called Doortech

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    Ditto on the torsion bar opener. I had my regular openers replaced with these when I acquired my lift and they have worked great - basically pull the door almost all of the way up to the ceiling and remove the centre pull bar, so vehicle has clearance. As an added bonus, the new openers were the latest security protocol and allowed for remote control/status checking from my phone!


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    Here is another option for a garage door installer. Dan is a very professional individual with a personal approach to the business. Let him know where you found this listing and he will take care of you. Name:  937E43DE-36B9-4EC6-B213-BDE19EF50050.jpg
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