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    Angry How to update database on Escort Max 360 Ci integrated systems?

    How the heck do I update the 'Defender' database on the Escort Max 360 Ci integrated countermeasures systems? The websites all say to plug a USB cord into the 'detector' from your laptop and update with the Escort app -- this is for the windshield model, not the integrated system. I have no idea where Mobile Solutions stashed all the boxes, I don't know what to plug in where, AND they are closed on annual vacation (which I did not approve) so I can't ask. Help! Becker
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    Can’t say for certain (different car & different system but same installers) but on my car the USB connectors are behind the side panel to the left of the drivers side vents & ignition. You can’t see the panel when the door is closed. If you have some trim panel tools, just pop the cover off.


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