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    Project 1800HP 997 TT

    Another awesome season of car shows and racing is coming to and end and that can only mean 2 things.
    1) Sit all winter in disappointment that you can't drive your car
    2) spend the winter making it better.

    My car made 1234 WHP last year on the dyno, has been to a bunch of car shows and 1/2 mile drag events, and was taken many days to work and back as a daily driver, it's been perfect, zero issues. I should leave it as is! ....... but as always, I want to change things up.

    So onward, and upward. This extra few hundred HP is where projects get difficult and expensive.

    Project 1800HP (1500+WHP)
    - upgrade 6266 to 6466 turbos
    - 100 shot nitrous to spool the turbos on launch and gear change
    - race ignition system as E85 is taking out plugs quickly
    - fuel pump voltage booster for stable 17.5V fuel flow at injectors & pumps
    - 4.2L stroker engine (82.4mm stroke) (crank/rods/pistons/cylinders)
    - GT3 Intake manifold modified for Turbo heads
    - dual injector lower intake manifolds (3400cc injectors per cylinder)
    - AMS 5" intercoolers w/carbon shrouds
    -Pneumatic air shifter with ecu & paddle shifters
    - roll bar (removable cage extensions)

    Pictures to start rolling in as parts arrive.
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    Uh, bigger brakes?

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    I'm only going forward in life..... Haha. It stops pretty effortlessly.

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    And so it begins

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    GT3, 12 injector lower manifolds.

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    1100cc injectors. Total = 3400cc per cylinder

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    This thing is unreal. Can't wait to see 1800 hp running the 1/2 mile next year.

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