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    How does one car have so many different looks?

    Although the classic 911 Carrera body is a design that dates back to the early 1960's I'm continually amazed by how many different looks it presents by just varying the camera angle a litle.

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    Can't wait to get it out on the road again next spring.

    Thanks Renee for sending me this one.
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    You're right! Check this out - totally different.

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    Just kidding!

    I think what works so well with the 901 design is those sexy compound curves are all held together with some common profile line angles, like the headlight/vent window/B pillar.

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    funny need THAT!
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    Hi buddy

    Aren't you the whitty one! You got me laughing straight away.

    Just back from a 5 day business travel marathon and saw your reply. Love your sense of humor.

    Already dreamin of dry roads and warm temperatures. Will likely finish installing a new oil line and several suspect o-rings on the 3.2 over the Christmas break.

    Hope all is well with you.



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