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What happened to the 5000km oil change intervals? I understand oils are getting better and engines and more efficient but long distance driving, hauling, track days, AutoX, spirited drives, dust conditions, cold weather etc all on the same oil change, no way.. I remember the mobil1/Porsche commercial saying oil changes every 30000km?. This is what you get when you don’t change your oil Mobil/Porsche. Pretty sure I change my oil every 2500-3000km, this is normally due to the age of the oil and not by KM’s, eery 3 months or 5000km for me.

Mike......IIRC the original Cayennes had an oil change interval of 20k kms. Our '09 has the revised interval of 15k kms in the owners manual with recommendation to use Mobil oil.

I chose to ignore both recommendations using full synthetic Shell Rotella at 10k kms interval with a new oil filter and have being doing so since we owned the SUV. At +250k kms and counting with no engine issues and no oil consumption at all between changes Id say its working fine