The 2019 summer events calendar is officially launched!

It will be another spectacular year of awesomeness provided by your WRR. Take a peek and RSVP for the tours you'll be participating. There's no such thing as a too-early RSVP.

There is a great team working for you this year, but we still need a few helpers along the way. In each event listing, you'll see some open spots for tour leaders, mids and sweeps.

A tour leader is responsible for planning the route, making reservations, making sure waivers are signed, and a few other things. I will forward you the PCA Minimum Driving Tour Standards to review so you know exactly what is expected from the tour leader role. This document covers all the details one could think of and makes your task easy, fun and stress free. Please note the tour lead must have an adult passenger with them.

A tour mid is required only if more than 20 cars are participating to help make the group more manageable. (The tour lead monitors the handful cars behind them, the tour mid monitors the handful of cars behind them, the tour sweep monitors the handful of cars infront of them.) If you sign up to be a tour mid and there are less than 20 cars, your services are still appreciated, more help is always better!

A tour sweep is responsible for witnessing waiver signatures at the starting point and being the last car driving in the pack. If someone takes a wrong turn, they stay driving with the pack but advise the tour leader when they can. If there is an incident, they stop & stay with the car involved.

How to volunteer?
Email Danielle at and advise which role on what event you would like. It's first come, first serve so make sure to pick your spot(s) soon!

Current open positions:

July Monthly Meeting Brunch -
Sunday, July 7th
Mid | Sweep

Museum of the Making - Saturday July 27th

Mid | Sweep

Pioneer Acres 50th Annual Show -
Saturday, August 10th

Rowley Ghost Town -
Saturday August 17th