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    Booked in at the Trail's End for Fri, Sat and Sun. Looking forward to it! Cheers, Steve.

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    I'm in guys for August. Are people driving down together on Friday?

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    Booked at the Super 8 and registered for both days. Drive down Friday, back Monday.

    Looking forward to really driving my new (to me) Cayman!

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    Jul 2019
    Calgary, AB
    Thanks for welcome Al & Mark

    Quick question to those attending the HPDE:
    Where do you get the inspection form taken care of? Porsche dealership or do you have any recommendations ?
    2015 Cayman S

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    Hi Herve,

    I'd suggest patronizing any of the shops that support/have supported the club in some way: ie Porsche Centre, Riegel Tuning, Lambo Calgary, Alpine Auto, etc. Alternatively you can have the inspection done by anyone who can recognize those things being inspected and assess their condition. There are some club members among us who would be okay inspecting each other's cars.


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