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    Cayley 1/2 Mile Event June 2019

    A few pics from the 1st Cayley Event of 2019...

    ...Danielle did some friendly taunting, Yoon did some arithmetic, Mark did some incredible launches, Danielle did some more taunting, Ross throttled Brodie - who claimed he had too much "ballast" on board, and some cars even broke down, (no WRR members though)...apparently there was also a "Dick" spotted...

    ...lots of nice cars, but P-cars were the best of the bunch!

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    Wow, Al, that photo of me is simply magnificent. It captures and pure passion & enthusiasm. Brodie even has his game face on. I love it!

    The "DICK" got raucous laughter from the crowd too.

    Thanks for sharing your photos. That was super fun, I can't wait 'till the next.

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    Haha, awesome photos as usual Al!

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    All these pics, and not one of the organizer and fellow Porsche owners vehicle

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    oh yes, there was a lot of arithmetic involved lol.

    My last 2 runs were my best of the day. Top speeds on all my runs were 150.5 to a high of 153.06mph. (Danielle was in the car to help counterbalance the suspension preload on the 153.06mph run haha) & on my last run, got called out by a new Huracan that was taking part in the Royal Rally.
    He didn't use launch control because he didn't know how to activate it so I got the jump on him off the line. Finally got my 60' down to 1.6seconds with a 1/4 mile of 11.6seconds & 1/2 mile of 18.01seconds.

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    Apologies James, which car was yours? I may have shots of it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by al k View Post
    Apologies James, which car was yours? I may have shots of it...
    Just bugging you Al. I had my Jeep there.

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    Thank you to everyone who came out. I’m always really busy running the timing system and don’t get to talk much, but I loved seeing all the cars run.

    Dragon, what RPM did you get your 1.6 on?

    It’s hard to not want a 991.2 after seeing Marks. They are incredible.

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    Thanks for all the work you & Raz put into these events. I think you need to corral up some more volunteers to lighten the load & ease Raz's stress level haha.

    Yeah the pdk launch control on all the new turbos are just insane & unfair lol.

    I think my rpm's were somewhere around 3500 rpm on that one. Can't say for sure though haha too focused on the lights & thinking just don't stall against the lambo. Though I know I should be able to get my reaction time down a bit more. It was a 0.56 reaction time on that run.
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    That Jeep was crazy (in a good way)!


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