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    Cayley Halfmile July 14, 2019

    I know some of you have been waiting for registration to open on the next 1/2 mile. I just opened it on the site. You can register now!

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    me too, turbo to try. Paul
    Paul T
    997.2 Turbo S
    991.2 GT3

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    Calgary, AB
    Any idea how much the registration fee is? I can't find it anywhere :/
    2015 Cayman S

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    Quote Originally Posted by herve_g View Post
    Any idea how much the registration fee is? I can't find it anywhere :/

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    I've had a few people ask about the location for this event.
    The location is the A.J. Flying Ranch Airport, east of Cayley.

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    Brodie entered a car, and I will be there as a lookie-loo & passenger. Looking forward to it as always!

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    Had another awesome event today. Cars looked awesome as always. I don’t remember who took the win between Brodie and Yoon, but I remember it looking really close. Paul’s 991.2 is an absolute beauty. I am even hopeful that Al got a picture of my vehicle this time Thanks to everyone who came out. I love seeing all the cars.

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    ...just for you James!

    I also started a fresh pic thread for the July event.

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    Yes, it was a blast as always!
    Thanks again for all the hard work you & Raz put into organizing these events.

    Our race was probably the most intriguing Porsche vs Porsche one haha with 2 cars faster than their newbie drivers trying to launch & shift them haha.
    Technically we did 3 runs & I did cross the 1/2mile mark first on 2 of the 3 runs but both cars seemed to struggle with the heat & the wins were decided by other's poor shifting haha.


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