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    Flat-spotted tire?

    On the trip out here to Victoria I noticed a wop-wop rotational noise in my Macan GTS, most noticeable around 80-113 km/h, but also at lower speeds. No associated vibration. No dead critter in the treads. Tires are OEM Pirellli Scorpions on 20" spyder wheels, lots of tread left.

    Dealership here in Victoria found wheel bearings intact. They borrowed an identical wheel/tire combo from a similar car, and the noise disappeared. So it seems it's the wheel/tire combo. They then road balanced the wheels/tires, and isolated it to the LF corner. They dismounted the tire, and found the wheel to be round/within spec, so by process of elimination determined it to be the LF tire. I spoke to the tech, who said it is flat-spotted. The dealership is happy for me to buy 4 new tires (!), but I'm wondering about other options, plus, how the tire got flat-spotted. With ABS, and my driving, it's not been under-rotated. For winter storage, the tires were stored inside, in bags, on their sides, dismounted from rims.

    If the tire is bad, I'll try recourse through the originating dealership (Pfaff) and Pirelli, and my wheel/tire warranties.

    Some have suggested over-inflating the tire slightly and trying to "drive out" the imperfection. Other suggestions as to how to proceed?



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    Contact Cort at Urban X 403-265-6553. I buy all my tires from him.

    He just helped me with a flat spot on my 87 from autocross. Whatever he did made a huge difference with my hop.

    Every issue will be different, but if he can’t make it better, you probably need 2 new tires depending on their age.

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