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    New to me car.....kind of

    Back in 2009 I felt the need to buy a 911 Turbo. I found a nice black 996 Turbo in San Francisco on Ebay. After some frantic bidding it was mine. I had the car inspected at a San Francisco Porsche dealer and they said "not sure what was done to the car but our tech has a 400 hp Audi and he said this thing would leave him in the dust". Turns out the car had an X50 package with an exhaust and tune.

    I lined up a trucking company to bring the car home. It was loaded in December and heading my way. Then I got a call from the truck driver informing me, in a thick russian accent, that the transmission on his truck failed in northern Nevada. A few days later I called him and he said, again in a thick russian accent, "new transmission too expensive. Getting used transmission. Won't get until new year". So I had to wait knowing my new pride and joy was sitting on a car hauler in Nevada.

    The car finally arrived at the Sweetgrass border ready for pickup. I took my truck and enclosed trailer to the border. On my way I hit freezing rain near Milk River that had me fishtailing from lane to lane. Thankfully there were no other cars around me and I got it under control. When I got to the car there was no paperwork for importation. No title, no original bill of sale. Turns out the seller sent them by courier separately - I expected them to be with the car - and even with the delay I still had not received them. So I had to put the car into storage at Sweetgrass and go home empty handed. A week later the paperwork arrived and I went down and brought it home.

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    I had owned the car for about a month when surfing e-bay I found another 996 Turbo for sale. This one was in Tennessee and had a GT2 nose and tail - something I coveted for my car. I always liked the sloped nose of the GT2 over the slightly bulbous nose of the standard turbo. However, since the conversion was $10k it wasn't something I was prepared to do at the time. This car had the stock K16 turbos but a few nice carbon fibre interior pieces, Champion wheels and embossed seats. And the bid was at $37k with the reserve not met and 12 hours to go. I phoned a friend and explained how I bought too soon. I should have waited as the GT2 style was exactly what I wanted. He told me not to bid as I already had a good car. However, before going to bed I put a bid in for $40k thinking there is no way the reserve would be met....and woke up in the morning to a message saying I was now the owner of my second 911 Turbo. I phoned my friend that morning and he said "You bought it, didn't you? Fine, I will buy your old one."

    When my new car arrived it had the looks that I wanted.

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    I took Mary, my wife now, on our first date in the car on a club drive to Moraine Lake near Lake Louise. We also went to visit my relatives in the US taking the car on it's maiden road trip to North Dakota. We had lots of fun, a fair number of people in small towns who had never seen a 911 before and a short blast up to 307 km/hr in Montana proving to a Firebird Firehawk that german engineering was faster than GM of the same era.

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    A few months later went on a trip together to the Dubai F1 with the Porsche Club - an epic adventure that will have to wait for another thread. When we got back we decided to paint the wheels her favorite color - a burgundy/candy apple red.

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    I used the car to propose to Mary

    And it was shortly after that I sold the 911 Turbo to pay for our wedding. I hated seeing it go but figured I would get another one day.
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    Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. Remember that friend who bought my first 911 Turbo? Well, he did a bunch of mods over the years. They were documented in European Car magazine back when we had a race track (Race City). He also found and installed a GT2 front bumper. He then sold the car to another friend who did a turbo upgrade, big brake upgrade and some general maintenance. The car dynoed 668 RWHP. The car hasn't seen a lot of miles in the last few years and it came up for sale again. I phoned him up and made a deal. I am getting a 911 Turbo that I was the first and fourth Canadian owner of. LOL

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    congratulations Erik. they are hard to let go of

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    Life comes full circle, nice story.
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    Haha, love this story Erik. Sometimes things happen for a reason and this really seems like one of those times!

    Best of luck with the new(ish) car!

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    If it was my choice I would have bought your 997 already. This industry just isn't helping. Probably didn't need the 996 either but when it came up for sale I couldn't resist. I assume from your signature that your beautiful black 997 Turbo is gone. So sad......
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    Congrats Erik! Welcome back to the black turbo club lol!

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    Great story, some things are just meant too be. Congrats

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    Good story Erik. Wish you would have submitted it for our newsletter.

    All the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinJ View Post
    Good story Erik. Wish you would have submitted it for our newsletter.

    All the best.

    Hi Kevin,

    My apologies. I initially was just going to post that I got a new 911 Turbo. But as I started typing the story just sort of flowed out. Feel free to put it in the newsletter if you are looking for content. I know a large number of our members didn't use the forums and might not have seen it already.



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