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    Thanks again for organizing James.
    Please pass on the thanks to Raz, the 2 race-masters & volunteers.

    The weather started out a bit sketchy & the timing equipment wasn't cooperating so no time slips but still another great time as usual.
    No light-tree so the runs were done O-G style with either a flashlight or arm drop.
    All we needed was a bunch of extra cameramen & people to throw cash down & it would've been Street Outlaws 403-style haha.
    Like several events before, got to do the first official run down the strip & the last one.
    Screen-shot of my top speed on 2 runs.
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    Glad you could make it out as always!

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    Crossfield, AB
    246 km/h in 1/2 mile, wow!!!
    '93 928 GTS 5 speed
    Polar Silver/Linen, 192k kms

    '88 928 S4 A/T
    Black/Ivory, 190k kms

    '09 Cayenne GTS Tiptronic
    Nordic Gold/Black, +270k kms

    '88 928 S4 A/T
    Red/Champange, 110k miles (US car)

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    Dragon doesn't mess around

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    Haha, thanks James.
    Getting a bit better on the launch but still managed to royally mess up 1 or 2 of them lol.

    Interesting side note the last 2 events, I've noticed my car seems to creep forward ever so slightly while at the line which sometimes messes me up.
    Even waiting in the cue, I now have to leave it in gear most times b/c if left in neutral, the car can start to move.

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    Finally got around to putting together a quick clip of the run against the Model X.


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